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How it works.

Applying 20+ years of experience as a full-service marketing company, we help real estate professionals
impact each others’ business through referral-based joint marketing.  Relationships built from a strong marketing foundation make it all happen.

    Loan Officers invite real estate agents to partner with them in their business marketing
  • “LAUNCH”
    Marketing Partners become trusted advisors as they support each others’ business
    It is only natural that realtors refer buyers to their preferred lenders and lenders refer leads to realtors.

    The bigger the impact you can make on the business of a joint-marketing partner, the greater the impact they will make on yours

Simple idea. Fantastic Results.

What we do.

The Joint Marketing Cloud is created to impact the businesses of loan officers and real estate brokers. Our purpose is to help both professional groups become more valuable to each; and because marketing is so critical to both types of business, we start here.

We apply our experience, creativity, and passion to help develop referral-based relationships.  As a real estate professional, you deserve nothing less, especially when you’re fighting every day to get your share of opportunities in one of the noisiest industries in the United States.  Here are a few highlights.

joint marketing platform
The Marketing Platform

Boost bottom lines. Boost Referrals!

At its core, Joint Marketing Cloud is a platform that loan offices can provide real estate brokers access (only available from you as their partner). The JMC platform has hundreds of marketing tools that realtors can use to advertise their business. We just offer these tools “at-cost” which can save a broker literally thousands of dollars each year. All of this benefit goes straight into their pocket. And it is all because of you.

Create Engagement

Share Genuine Interest in Their Success

Providing world class marketing is just the start.  Creating engagement is the next step in developing your buyer referral pipeline.  As a real estate broker implements their marketing strategy, there are opportunities to provide guidance, help and support.  The challenge to most loan officers is that they are not able to see into the mind of their preferred realtors.  They don’t know when to reach out, how to help or what type support is even needed.

This is where the Joint Marketing Cloud excels.  With our Activity HUB, loan officers now have immediate insight into marketing at a realtor level. It is easy to identify new ways to support the business advertising of an individual broker or even the marketing of a property. Not all support needs to be financial; a phone call or note of congratulations on a new listing goes a long way to strengthening a relationship. Successful loan officers share a genuine interest in the business success of their preferred real estate brokers. It is the strength of these relationships between loan officer and real estate broker that determines the number of referrals shared. STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS = MORE REFERRALS

Build Loyalty

Partners Rewarded…We Make Sure of It!

As the final piece to a successful joint marketing strategy, each partner must feel like they are receiving benefits; “real” and “tangible” rewards for their participation.  Because a loan officer benefits when they receive referrals, the importance of each and every buyer lead opportunity is extremely high.

Our entire staff works very to find ways to reward real estate brokers for bringing their referrals to their partnering loan officers.  We have created an entire Marketing Rewards Program dedicated to keeping each loan officer “top-of-mind” with their preferred real estate brokers.  Here are some ways that we reward our partners.

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